Male Psychology

Much of my writing on male psychology will refer to the work of Carl Jung and his mentor, Sigmund Freud, and much of it will focus on unconscious drives.

The photo below is of the chamber of and Egyptian pyramid.  I got this photo from the book Man and His Symbols – a collection of essays by Carl Jung and his top associates.

The book had wide circulation in the 1970s when the counterculture was soaring and Jung’s work was constantly in the spotlight. This photo appeared before the very first essay, which was by Jung himself.  The title of his essay, which appeared next to this photo, was simply “The Unconscious.”


Here are articles relevant to male psychology and psychoanalytic theory – and relevant to rock and roll in that this amazing musical arena is often focused on powerful archetypal forces related to male and female archetypes.

This is a review of Gods in Everyman, a book on male archetypes by a Jungian psychologist:


Article on Jungian archetypes.  It can be argued that the greatest art – whether in the arena of rock-and-roll music, ancient or modern literature, sculpture, painting, whatever – is focused on the psychological archetypes that are at the core of human psychology.  Hence, this article is relevant to our political songwriting project:


Here are three articles I wrote while I was a writer on the staff of what was then the #1 top university magazine in the US – Emory Magazine of Emory University.  They all relate to powerful emotions that stir in primitive or ancient cultures – and our own.

The first two are by top anthropologists. One explores the repression of anger in a small primitive island culture, and the second focuses on sex education in an African tribe in Kenya.

The third examines the dynamics of humor in the work of an ancient Roman playwright:


Here is the CNN video: