Founder’s Bio

Clinical Social Work and Related Voice-Technology Startup/Innovation:

  • I have a master’s degree (MSW) from New York University in clinical and psychiatric social work.  NYU’s school of social work is a strong believer in psychoanalytic theory.
  • For eight years I was an addictions counselor (nicotine cessation) for cardiac patients and others, at one of the top cardiac hospitals in the world – at Inova Fairfax Hospital in northern Virginia.
  • I have worked in two audio/Internet startup companies in northern Virginia, and
  • Though not a techie, I hold a patent in a group-communications tool, which I have used professionally for conducting medical and psychiatric support groups: patent-us-john-craig-voice-roundtable-govt-issued-pamphlet-pdfs28102016


  • I was on the board of directors of Arlington Independent Media for three years:
  • More recently I was one of the leaders of the WERA Producers Group.
  • WERA is sponsored by AIM:


I created a counseling program on same-sex issues which grew out of my work in HIV prevention.  We received coverage from major media, including CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, Redbook, Time, Sirius Radio, CBS Television, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.


  • Reed College:  Like Steve Jobs, I was a student at this liberal, liberal-arts college in Portland OR for only one semester in the early 70s.
  • Yale College:  I was an undergrad at Yale for a couple of  years and have been involved with the alumni association (in New Haven and DC).
  • University of California Santa Cruz:  I was at this cutting-edge alternative school for several years in the late 70s and early 80s, headed the NYC chapter of the alumni association for two years in the late 90s, and have been involved in the DC chapter (at “UCDC.”
  • Georgia State University:  B.A. English/creative writing and journalism, 1988.  I also took courses in music publicity, music business, etc, in GSU’s unusual academic department of commercial music.
  • Georgia Tech: I took my senior year of high school at Tech.
  • University of Georgia:  I spent the summer quarter after my high school junior year taking classes at UGA.


My most recent entrepreneurial startup project is in the area of the new “coliving” movement that is sweeping the U.S.  I have been involved in starting up two or three coliving residences.  Here are fascinating articles about the coliving movement:


Here is my profile on LinkedIn:


I lived in Athens, Georgia, in the 80s and wrote a lot then for the local music magazine Flagpole.

— I wrote an article about the Athens (Georgia) engineer/producer John Keane, who worked early on with REM, the B52s, theIndigo Girls, and other local bands.  It was published in the San Francisco bay area publication MIX:  The Recording Industry Magazine.

— I lived in Atlanta in the 80s and for a while hosted a segment of Good Morning Blues on WRFG (Radio Free Georgia, a local non-commercial station).  I belonged to the Atlanta Blues Preservation Society and wrote articles about the blues for their newsletter and other Atlanta music publications.

— While at the University of Georgia taking some classes, I hosted a live call-in talk-radio program called Minority Matters, filling in for a guy who left town for the summer.

— I was a radio announcer (news caster) for the extremely popular alternative rock station in Atlanta, WRAS (the student-run station of Georgia State University).


— Music publicity:  I took classes at Georgia State University’s Department of Commercial Music, to learn about the music business.  One of the courses was taught by Jim Pettigrew, author of the Billboard Book of Music Publicity.

— The “Sixth Rolling Stone”:  I got a chance to meet Chuck Leavell, an original member of the Allman Brothers who was later (and is now) the keyboardist for the Rolling Stones.

— Two friends of mine at WRFG were close friends with the guys in the Georgia Satellites and first played their songs that later were hits, on WRFG.  The Satellites can write some pretty corny songs, but they also have a great driving beat and are very well written.

— Another friend of mine at WRFG, Mike Rose, was the first to put the Indigo Girls on an LP, before they began to make it big.

— At GSU, I was founder of the GSU Blues Society.  We had a number of original Georgia bluesmen come and play with our members.  Jim Pettigrew was our faculty advisor.


— Voice/Internet technologies:  I have created a group-communications tool distance-education concept called Voice RoundTables (which has gotten coverage on CNN, CBS Television, in the Washington Post and has a patent pending).  It is a way to create a seminar-like discussion (a small-group discussion) in non-real-time, using telephones and special voice-messaging systems (it’s like a telephone conference call in non-real-time).  I want to use it as a tool for giving musicians a quick-and-easy forum for talking and learning, meeting others, making connections.

— I worked for a dot-com startup here called Audiopoint, which launched the first “voice portal” to the Internet in about 2001

— I worked for another voice/Internet startup – –, in DC, a company that creates disease surveillance systems.

— Satellite Radio:  A friend of mine is one of the founders of one of the original satellite radio companies.