The Mick-and-Keith Locked-In-A-Kitchen Election-Emergency Songwriting Project

This document outlines the basic idea of The Mick-and-Keith Locked-In-A-Kitchen Election-Emergency Songwriting Project! in one page:


Below is a further description – but it’s still under construction! –

With major-media coverage, thousands of musicians could learn of this challenge immediately.

If we get national news-media coverage for this project, tens of thousands of guitarists, musicians, singers, and their non-musical friends could hear about this project and its challenge to write political songs right now.

Some of those musicians, like Keith and Mick, could write great songs overnight.

These musicians could record and upload these songs in a few hours.

Anyone passionate about rock and roll could listen to these songs online and vote them up or down.

The best songs might easily go viral.

Any song that went viral could have immediate impact.

It is critical to understand that great songs can be written not only overnight, but on demand:

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger wrote the first song they ever wrote when their young friend and manager Andrew Oldham famously locked them in a kitchen overnight and said:

“You cannot come out until you write me a song!”

They not only wrote a song – their first – but that song became a hit!

Keith tells this story in two or three pages from his amazing bestselling autobiography Life: