Critical Books

On this page we will be listing books and articles that we feel are enormously important.  Some, like the two below, are earth-shaking, world-changing documents.

Freud at 150: A Scientific American Mind Special Report Audible

– By: Mark Solms, J. Allan Hobson, Steve Ayan, Hal Arkowitz

This short article tells an astonishing story! –

Freud, Einstein, and Marx were three towering figures of the 20th century.  Regardless of what any one of us thinks of their work, each had huge impact on the course of history.

Yet after WW II, Freud’s work was – wrongly – largely discredited, especially in university settings.  Few of the brilliant young college-educated adults whom I have gotten to know through my Coliving Revolution projects have ever studied Freud’s work.

Yet in the past decade or two, the top neuroscientists in the world – including Nobel Prize-winners, have proven that Freud’s overall picture of human psychology, is exactly right.

This is an earth-shaking discovery!  It gives us a road map for navigating the human psyche, and our careful use of that map will be key to saving the nation and the planet.

Moreover, Freud’s work is a guide to how each of us can tap directly into the awesome power of the unconscious – including the collective unconscious – without drugs.

And one of the core tenants of my philosophy for this project is that drugs are two dangerous – to both individuals and movements – to turn to or rely on.

  • Jimi Hendrix – dead.
  • Janis Joplin – dead.
  • Jim Morrison – dead.
  • Brian Jones – dead.
  • Curt Cobain – dead.

Who have I left out?  Many, no doubt.  These deaths are a tragedy.

Even if you don’t mind taking huge risks with your own life,  please remember that if you are an aspiring songwriter in this era of horrific danger in every direction,  you are too important to the movement to risk death or debilitation when there are better ways than drugs to get where you want and need to go psychologically.

This, at least, is my conviction, which I want to share.

The audio article below may be the best and least expensive way to get the details of Freud’s vindication from his many detractors, and his restoration to the status of brilliant scholar, thinker, and psychologist.

Coming soon on this list will be the book, relatively new, Freud On Madison Avenue.  One of the many stories it tells is that of the awesome impact on American society of the “founding father of public relations,” Edward Bernays, who was Freud’s nephew!

It can be argued that Bernays’ theories were the guidebook for the triumph of the conservative movement in the U.S. since the mid-1960s.

This audio book of the article Freud at 150 is available for 95 cents.  The software can be downloaded free to any smart phone or computer.

The Power of Pull – How Smart Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion

By John Hagel and John Seely Brown

In my view this is the #1 most important book on how to survive and thrive in the new digital world we are hurtling into.

This book has been required reading in introductory courses in entrepreneurship at the #1 top university in the field of entrepreneurship in the U.S.

This university is not as well known as some others; nevertheless it is at the top of the field of entrepreneurship:  George Mason University, in the northern Virginia digital corridor.

  • We will be using the plan for changing the world outlined in this book, for our Can Rock and Roll project.
  • The book starts with the amazing story of how a small group of teenage surfers used digital tools to catapult themselves into huge success in the world of surfing.

You can easily download the free Sample of the Kindle version of this book to your computer or smart phone, and read it in this way.  You do not need a Kindle device.  The Kindle software required is free online and easy to download.

If you read this book or portions of it, and follow it’s suggestions, it will change your life and propel you to both safety and success.