Same-Sex Issues

My Professional Work with Same-Sex Issues:  Coverage and Articles

New York Times Letter to the Editor


Journal of Orthopsychiatry


New York Times article:

A counselee of mine, former head of the Southeast Chapter of the American Psychoanalytic Association, had the NY Times run this article on him in 1997:

Internet radio program

My Internet radio program on bisexual blues singer Ma Rainey:

CNN Video

Here is the 3-minute CNN video which Wolf Blitzer assigned his associate Brian Todd to do on my professional work counseling bisexual men nationwide.

It aired days after New Jersey Governor James MacGreevey publicly announced his relationship with a young man and resigned as governor.

One focus is leadership:  how many men in my counseling program have been top leaders in their career fields.

My Voice RoundTable innovation/group-communications tool is also covered in this CNN segment: